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Wheat/gluten-free Duluth brews?

As someone recently diagnosed with a wheat allergy, the world of local beer has become a mysterious place. Information on ingredients is sketchy at best on the interwebs. Does anyone have any first-hand knowledge if any of our local breweries offer any wheat-free or gluten-free beers? Suggestions would be most appreciated!

Gluten-free Beer Growlers in Duluth

Can someone clue me in to which of our many local breweries offer anything gluten free? My out of town sister wants to bring a growler or two up north.

Duluth-area gluten-free options

I just discovered Bulldog Pizza has added some great gluten-free options! Pizza, appetizers, sandwiches, and salads. So now people who are gluten sensitive have an even wider array of places to go.

Bulldog Pizza’s gluten-free menu

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