The Current Roadtrip: Duluth

Join 89.3 the Current as we travel across the state to bring the best and brightest of the cities musical acts to Duluth, Mankato, Rochester and Austin.

Various Current hosts will converse with musicians from the Twin Cities about their influences, their music and wherever else the conversation takes them. After this 20-30 min. interview there will be a concert performed by the bands/artists. A brief meet and greet with the Current host and the musicians. Each venue and band was chosen to create a lively environment to express both the station and the cities we’re stopping in. We’ll start the journey Oct. 9 in Duluth with Jeremy Messersmith at Beaner’s Central.

The Current Road Trip: Duluth
Saturday, Oct. 9, 7PM-10PM (All ages)
Beaner’s Central
324 N. Central Ave.


Tyler Nelson

about 14 years ago

Yes! About time the Current broadcasted up north here. Streaming online is great, but we need to get you guys on the air!


about 14 years ago

Duluthians, we need to get out to this event and do a little lobbying for the Current to come to Duluth!  I'm aware of the whole lack of bandwidth issue but I think they could broadcast on a high def channel and not interfere with the regular frequencies.  Should be a great show at Beaner's!


about 14 years ago

And I remember when I booked Jeremy Messersmith at the Red Lion. Now they play his stuff between innings at Target Field.

Bad Cat!

about 14 years ago

I'm not advocating a hostage situation, but we need a way to let the Current know that we really really really really want them up here!


about 14 years ago

Am I the only person who finds the DJs on the Current annoying? And this is from someone who used to listen to Mary Lucia on Rev 105. I do listen to the station because it is always nice to hear Tom Waits etc. But, the last time I was listening they played toxic by mrs spears. The DJs just rub me the wrong way. They remind me of the kids from high school who thought they were cooler than everyone else. I guess I never wanted to be cool. Just my opinion.


about 14 years ago

Duluth. No Chipolte.  No real bike lanes. No Trader Joe's. No light rail. No Current. Is it part of the Duluth charm or just annoying?


about 14 years ago

No Chipotle is fine by me. 

No real bike lanes sucks.

No Trader Joe's is fine by me.

I have no feelings -- good or bad -- about light rail here.

The current in Duluth would make my GFs day.

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