Really Really Free Market

This Sunday in Lincoln Park there is to be the first (that i know of) Really Really Free Market in Duluth.  What is a Really Really Free Market you may ask? Well, from what I’ve gathered off the all mighty intra-nert, it’s a time and a place where people can get together to share things without being encumbered by money in all its forms.  Things such as material objects, musical jams sessions, puppet theatre, skill-sharing and playshops (like hair cuts, massage therapy, dance lessons, automotive knowledge, cooking classes), pot-luck lunches and food shelves, all are freely distributed to anyone who wants it. Anything you can think of that someone else may need.  All for FREE!!

Bring us your tired, your poor, your huddled ‘things’ and breathe new life into them through the ‘Gift Economy’.  We hope that everyone can share something (or find something) with someone else regardless of race, sexuality, religious belief or political stance.  This event is open for young, old and everyone in between.

We only ask you to please take home with you any items not ‘gifted’ to someone else. In order to make this a regular happening, we need to take responsibility for our park and make sure we leave it cleaner than we found it.

On 10/10/10 @ 10-4pm in Lincoln Park, let the fun begin!!



about 14 years ago

What a great idea!


about 14 years ago

Will there be tables set up? I have a ton of nice toys to give away.

Danny G

about 14 years ago

FINALLY!  An opportunity to put my "Free Mustache Rides" t-shirt to good use!


about 14 years ago

The necromancers (read weathermen) say 30% chance for rain, but warm.  This event will go ahead as planned. Personally I don't have much, just some experiences to share, hopefully someone can teach me how to cook.  The toast always comes out black. 

@ Dulusion- That's what I thought, we are trying to spread the wealth from the Haves to the Have-nots.

@ Jeanine- If you wish to set up a table, you're more than welcome to! At the one event I witnessed, people were mostly putting things on a blanket on the ground, but whatever floats your boat.  This event is put together by the people involved.  No one is in charge, that's the beauty of it.  

@ Danny G- pretty funny, lets hope you get a few takers. ;-)

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