DEDA Approves Budget for Norshor

DEDA Approves Budget for Norshor
Posted on the WDIO website at: 08/25/2010 9:22 PM

The Duluth Economic Development Authority approved a capital improvement budget on Wednesday for the Norshor Theatre.

The City of Duluth purchased the building in June, for $2.6 million. Fundraising is now underway for renovation work.

DEDA voted Wednesday night to put almost $100,000 towards those efforts. The Duluth Playhouse is managing the Norshor Theater and intends to have a full line-up of entertainment this fall.


I’ll say it before Paul does: NorShor, with a cap S.



about 14 years ago

The Trib ran a piece questioning whether or not events could even continue at the NorShor until the building was brought into ADA compliance. 

NorShor needs quick cash to fix access issue


about 14 years ago

I am, personally, a big supporter of the ADA and have long known that the NorShor needed significant work in this area. I think though as long as DEDA has a plan in place to come into compliance with title III there isn't going to be much made of it. The primary vehicle for ADA enforcement is trough litigation and the DOJ specifically says:

"Under general rules governing lawsuits brought by the Federal Government, the Department of Justice may not file a lawsuit unless it has first unsuccessfully attempted to settle the dispute through negotiations."

The dispute in this case under title III would be lack of Public accommodations, and given the general limp enforcement of the ADA I'd be shocked if this even made it onto the DOJ radar, especially if (and I hope this is the case) DEDA is planning on addressing the issues anyways. 

In addition it is worth noting that the DuTr has pretty crappy reporting on disability issues so I'm not terribly sympathetic to their reporting on this issue.

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