Fractals Contact?

Who has contact info. for the Fractals? I’d like to get a hold of them about a potential gig. Thanks!


Mark Friederichs

about 14 years ago

They play every Thursday at the Thirst Pagan in Superior...


about 14 years ago

marvin.pomeroy (at)

Also on Facebook.


about 14 years ago

The Fractals have been notified and will be checking this site and be in touch.

Marvin Pomeroy

about 14 years ago

Hey, Fractal Marv here! Chat with me on Facebook or the Fractals on Facebook or my e-mail. Our summer schedule has a few open spots ... it can be trying getting these artistic types to reply to stuff ... so, get to it and let's see what we might cook up! Do it! 

Marvin Pomeroy

about 14 years ago

When we play on Thursdays it is gig time and not a great time for long conversations ... we will be in gig mode, fun mode, friends mode, and try to stay our of business mode. My mom gave me sage advice ... "Never take a bet in a bar!"  That goes double for conducting business in a bar. I never trust it and say "contact me in the light of day, like regular business people!"  Just not too early...


about 14 years ago

Sweet! Thanks, all ... Marv ... an email comin' at ya!

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