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My dad and my uncle are walking from sea to shining sea to raise awareness and prompt discussion about the perils of corporate personhood. Their blog is at

To learn more about the amendment that made corporations people, check out (There’s a petition there if anyone wants to get crazy active.)

As with any grassroots effort, every little bit of attention helps. Thanks in advance.



about 14 years ago

Since this perversion of the Constitution was upheld by the Supreme Court I've wondered, if a corporation has the legal rights of an individual, can it also then be convicted of murder?


about 14 years ago


The Big E

about 14 years ago

Therefore, Soylent Green is corporations.  


The Big E

about 14 years ago

Oh, and uh, whoops, *SPOILER ALERT*


about 14 years ago

I checked out these guys' blog and photos and even though I am a little out of the loop with corporate politics, etc., these guys are passionate about their cause (and both in their late 60s).  Walking 25 miles a day is no snooze.  I found their writing to be refreshing. They are about to encounter the Sierra Mountains, it will be fun to keep up with their trek.  One of the brothers is from St. Paul and the other from California.  Way to go, guys!


about 14 years ago

This is awesome. Good luck and happy travels.


about 14 years ago

In response to baci, yes, corporations can be convicted of murder. More accurately, corporations can be convicted or "corporate manslaughter." They're also taxed on their profits as if they're individuals. (They also bear some other responsibilities as if they're individuals.

Referencing the Supreme Court case in question, makes sense, given other precedent, that they function as political entities with appropriate rights. That functions with other collective entities, too: unions, grass-roots lobbying groups, etc. Collective entities (whether we like them or not) should possess rights that resemble those of individuals as long as we expect them to meet responsibilities that resemble those of individuals.

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