Third week into Homegrown, get’s a little more evident every day. Gotta hand it to you kids. Great job. Only thing I would like to see is the old folks get playing to. They’re too late this year, but next year. Many of them can play too. It is amazing how much music is in this town.



about 14 years ago

You are the beat poet of PDD, Frank.


about 14 years ago

Frank, I think you and some of your buddies should set up at like Minnesota Plaza and play some music during Homegrown weekend, that'd be cool.


about 14 years ago

Frank, not sure what old is, (Mom died at 25, Grandma at 103, so age is meaningless to me). None-the-less AARP sends me stuff in the mail, so somebody thinks I'm old. Bring some harps to Brewhouse on Sat. May 8th 10pm and play a blues tune or two with me. W.T.F

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