Happy early Spring on the North Shore — Things are breakin’ up out there

Check out a few river shots from this past weekend.

Brule River in Judge C.R. Magney State Park

Devil’s Kettle

Gooseberry Falls

If you need to cross Devil Track River and plan to use a big log as a bridge, be careful. The extra weight of the log might send you through the ice, and you’ll end up like this.


Sun Dog Duluth Daily Photo

about 14 years ago

Nice shots. I like hearing that rushing water too!


about 14 years ago

First of all you are taking chances crossing a river with the name Devil Track! 
Looks like fun - thanks for sharing.
BTW - I wished for an ice dam on Knife River but no luck - it is flowing pretty fast (so was our back parking lot last week).


about 14 years ago

Chester Creek was pretty cool Sunday. . .

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