Where can I get loonies and toonies in Duluth?

I need to get some Canadian money here in Duluth. The last time I tried at a local bank – a branch of a national chain – they told me they’d have to order it; they didn’t have any on hand. I didn’t search any further at that time.

I’m betting some bank in town has Canadian currency readily available. Can anyone point me in the right direction?



about 14 years ago

The Edgewater hotel on London Road advertises Canadian money at par.  Perhaps they could exchange some cash they took in.


about 14 years ago

When I last went to Canada, I just used my check card everywhere, and didn't bother with cash. I bet you could use a check card in an ATM across the border and be fine.

The Big E

about 14 years ago

I have about 25 $CDN left over from a trip back in 1994.  I wish I'd invested in about 200,000 more dollars worth, since it would have panned out quite well.


about 14 years ago

I've used my ATM card in Canada, no problem. But maybe try North Shore Bank, they're local and so damn helpful.


about 14 years ago

I bet I can find a couple of buck's worth of change in in the growler ... you're welcome to it.

Barrett Chase

about 14 years ago

You want to use Canadian money?! Socialist.

Duluth Daily Photo

about 14 years ago

Twice I have gotten mine at National Bank of Commerce. Once at the 1314 E. Superior St. location and once I had to drive over to 2822 Tower Ave. in Superior. Here is a link to their websites: http://www.nbofc.com/a_location.htm

Don't forget the exchange rate and also, many agencies charge a fee for exchanging the money for you.


about 14 years ago

Two years back I managed to exchange a few hundred dollars worth into Canadian at the North Shore Bank on Calvary Rd. Don't know if they still do it, but that was the second time I exchanged $ there, so it's worth a phone call at least.

Terry L

about 14 years ago

Fond-du-Luth or Black Bear.  Canadian customers exchange for American.


about 14 years ago

OK, I took all the suggestions above and went on a money-exchanging mission today. I also am considering switching banks, so it was a chance to check out a few. Here is the exhaustive account:

I found exchange rates online of about $1 U.S. = $1.04 Canadian. I wanted to exchange $100 U.S. for Canadian. I know ATM cards work up there, but I like to have some cash on hand for small purchases.


First stop, North Shore Bank in Woodland. They had Canadian money on hand and were willing to do the exchange for a non-customer... but their exchange rate was even. I thought I could do better, so I moved on. Major plus points for them for being very nice.

Next stop, Edgewater. They only exchange Canadian for U.S. - not the other way around. And FYI - their exchange rate is not that great.

Then to National Bank of Commerce at the Plaza. Teller was ready to do the exchange... and I was about to ask the rate when another employee asked if I was an account-holder. I'm not, but I (truthfully) said I was a potential account-holder. She said they would only exchange for account-holders - so no luck. They weren't mean about it, but... I don't think I will be depositing any money there.

Next to a string of downtown banks...

US Bank - said my $100 U.S. was worth LESS than $100 Canadian. No way. On a side note, I had never been in there before - that's a huge main lobby / teller space.

Western Bank - no

Wells Fargo - yes, as a special order. 5-7 days delivery. Exchange rate was about even - $100 U.S. = about $101 Canadian.

Finally, Fond-du-Luth Casino. They were just like the Edgewater - they only exchange Canadian for U.S., and not the other way around. And FYI again - their exchange rate is even worse than Edgewater.

That's where I'm ending it. In retrospect, I should have just exchanged the money at my first stop, North Shore in Woodland - and that's where I'll go in the future if the need arises. But this time around, I think I'll just wait until I get near the border, and exchange it then.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

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