Old cell phones

I’m looking to score an old-school cell phone. Brick phone. Bag phone. Talking 1980s styles here. Have a friend who is fascinated with then compared to now and it would make a great talking piece/paper weight Xmas gift. Any ideas on how/where to get one?



about 13 years ago

Post something on Freecycle

Menards Guy

about 13 years ago

i have a fake 80's looking car mounted cellphone.  It was supposed to make you look cool talking on the phone while driving. It is still in the box and was sold at Spencer gifts in the early to mid 80's.  it was sold under the name Sell-U-Phone.


about 13 years ago

You want to get rid of it? I'll take it!

Give me a call at 218-831-6302 (must dial 218.)

The Big E

about 13 years ago

I've long thought it would be fun to rig an old WWII walkie-talkie to house a cellphone.

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