Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…

We are looking to get our first Christmas Tree, but need some advice on where to go for a good deal. Any suggestions?



about 14 years ago

My family really enjoyed cutting our own down at the event held by the Boulder Lake Environmental Learning Center. It's like ten bucks this year for a tree.


about 14 years ago

Herb Sellin has a tree farm on Homestead Rd. 
Or did about 4 years ago. Trees were harvest your own $25.
Saws provided.

Ive heard SUperior National Forest pick a tree for 5 bucks?



about 14 years ago

Yes, it is.  You can get a permit to harvest a tree (with restrictions) in any national forest. Call the regional office.


about 14 years ago

You can get a permit for $5 in Wisconsin (from the National Forest Service Headquarters on Tower Ave.) to cut down a tree in certain parts of the national forest.


about 14 years ago

The trees at the Farmers Market building at 15th Ave. East and 3rd Street are nice.  It's cool to go in that hold building and stand next to the wood burning stove for a while.


about 14 years ago

I use a potted norfolk pine. At 3 ft tall it's currently a little charlie-brownish, but someday my grand kids will have to climb it to hang the lights and decorate.  I appreciate having a living tree all year round rather than a dying one for a couple of months.


about 14 years ago

Pine Knob tree farm on Anderson Road is a nice place. $25 for a Norway, this year, I believe.

(support small business and the local economy, and all that)


about 14 years ago

Here are the details on the Boulder Lake event this weekend.  We went and got our trees and wreaths there last year, and really enjoyed it.

Hello Everyone,

Just a friendly reminder to join us for the annual Christmas Tree Cut fundraiser for Boulder Lake Environmental Learning Center.  Boulder Lake ELC is a part of the Center for Environmental Education within the department of HPER at UMD.

One Day Only - Saturday December 5   10 a.m.- 4 p.m.

BALSAM FIR ONLY - Balsam Fir is one of the most sought after Christmas Trees with their fresh fragrance and ability to hold their needles long after they are cut.  However I should warn people that all of the trees are naturally grown with no trimming so most of them are "Charlie Brown" type trees.  But the atmosphere of the woods, bonfire, hot chocolate, and selecting a tree with friends and family is what it is all about.

$20 Combo Deal - Tree and Wreath

$12 per Tree

$12 per Wreath

A great family event. Please bring your own saw.  No pre-registration required.  

Directions to Boulder Lake ELC http://www.boulderlake.org/maps/Directionsmap.pdf


We've also gone out to Carlton and found some really nice trees there.


The Big E

about 14 years ago

We've really enjoyed the Boulder Lake thing as well--I think we've been there the past four years.


about 14 years ago

I can confirm the Homestead Road has trees to cut. 
Pretty sure it's still harvest your own - just drove by yesterday. The owner has wreaths hanging on the garage for sale too.


about 14 years ago

I waited until December 23rd and picked up a tree for $5 from the guy who sells them in the Mount Royal Parking lot.  He helped me tie on the roof and I tipped him like $15 because I'm pretty sure I was the only person he sold a tree to all day and that it isn't even worth getting out of bed for $5.  Not a strategy I'd necessarily recommend.  But we all were sick and couldn't go cut a tree on Christmas Eve like we usually do.

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