Advocacy Training @ PAVSA

The Program for Aid to Victims of Sexual Assault will be offering its next advocacy training starting in October 2009. This training, composed of various sessions, prepares volunteers to provide advocacy services on PAVSA’s 24-hour crisis/resource line and/or in the hospital setting with sexual assault survivors.

Folks interested in being trained as crisis/resource line advocates will gain the skills necessary to listen, provide crisis intervention, offer information to callers, and give referrals to other resources.

Volunteers interested in serving as direct service advocates can provide accompaniment for survivors of sexual assault during evidentiary exams, interviews with law enforcement, meetings with prosecutors, and hearings in court.  Advocates empower survivors by providing information and supporting them in their decisions, assisting them in locating community resources, and understanding the common effects of sexual violence.

Individuals interested in serving as advocates on either the 24-hour crisis/resource line or as direct service advocates should call the PAVSA office for more information at (218) 726-1442. Advocacy training will begin mid-October and run through the first week of November.

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