Since when are trampolines so damn popular? I mean, sheesh!


A neighbor of mine put up a big trampoline in his back yard yesterday. The weird thing about this, other than that mid-September is a strange time to assemble something that will have to be taken apart in October, is that I have two other neighbors with trampolines.

Can anyone out there identify a city block in Duluth with more than three trampolines? I think my block might have the record.



about 11 years ago

I like using a frozen wet's way more "snappy."

Cathy Schuyler

about 11 years ago

We have three trampolines on our block, too. The kids in the neighborhood can be found on any one of them at any given time in the summer.


about 11 years ago

Those things are frickin' dangerous!

Chester Dark

about 11 years ago first (and only) time on a tramp I attempted a flip to show off in front of nephews and nieces. Landed on my neck. Ten years later I still have limited side-to-side head movement.

I don't fault the trampoline - just the fool on it.

The Big E

about 11 years ago

The teenage boys a couple houses down got one earlier this summer--I have been just dumbfounded at how much time they've spent bouncing up and down on it.  I really think they must have set some kind of record.  A couple weeks ago when it was rainy, I thought, haha, now they'll finally be off the trampoline.  Then I looked out there and there they were, bouncing in a downpour.

My wife's theory is that trampolines are the Duluth version of swimming pools, since you couldn't swim much more than 2 weeks a year.


about 11 years ago

Tramampoline! Trambompaline!


about 11 years ago

Same thing here. I came home from work, and bam! a trampoline in the neighbor's yard about 15 feet from my bedroom window.  And I swear to God above, if they keep jumping on that damned thing at midnight, I'm going to pelt them with multiple cans of WD-40.  All I hear at night is the squeaking of the springs. It's like a flashback to freshman year in the dorms with my computer dork roommate and his slutty girlfriend ... all that squeaking.


about 11 years ago

I almost died on this guy.  Dying wasn't the worry part for me.

The girl who owned it that I was dating for a short time was ex-military and her ex-bo shot her in the back, causing permanent paralysis in her legs.  She'd spend hours in her wheel chair watching her kids jump on this thing.

Also, apparently I was inept at doing a double back flip.

the doog

about 11 years ago

Each bounce gets us closer to God.


about 11 years ago

Have you ever been on a trampoline? They're a blast. There should be no question why they're so popular.


about 11 years ago

Does my upstairs neighbor's constantly "busy" and noisy bed count as a trampoline?


about 10 years ago

I know I'm about 18 months too late but I have to's only dangerous if you position it outside a second story sliding door where the deck was supposed to go but was never built, then run out the door and land on the trampoline (hopefully!).  Oh the stupid things we did for entertainment when we were younger (sadly this was only like 12-13 years ago when I was 16!)

Paul Lundgren

about 9 years ago

I guess this Robi Meyerson video explains everything.

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