Al Franken at State Fair

This is Senator Al Franken drawing a map of the US from memory at the State Fair. Doggone it he IS smart enough.


Bad Cat!

about 13 years ago

I love all the "he traced it" conspiracy theorists.


about 13 years ago

Al Franken / Micheal Moore 2012 - should be the Dream Team for the DFL Presidential Ticket ???

Dave Sorensen

about 13 years ago

Thanks to whomever embedded the video.


about 13 years ago

def. fake I can tell by the pixels.


about 13 years ago

OG, Michael Moore will never make it past the Obama death panels.

Come on people! its a cool party trick. Watching Al holding court with health care crazies at the state fair, however, was a site to behold. He might just be the best thing for MN since Wellstone.

Tim K

about 13 years ago

He's done that bit for many years. I think the first time I saw it was the late 80s on SNL. I've seen him do it on a white board with dry erase marker, so he's not tracing! What's even better, he can rattle off relevant facts about each state as he goes.


about 13 years ago

Its fun having competitions trying to draw the US map from memory on a napkin at the bar.


about 13 years ago

Pshaw. Maine is way too small.


about 13 years ago

I went to a party celebrating his victory in St. Paul and he did it for our amusement.

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