Gimme an F …


Duluth Does Woodstock
Oct. 8
Sacred Heart Music Center

Sign up for artists ends Sept. 4

Don’t miss your chance to fulfill your 1960s musical fantasies minus the rain, mud and bad acid.


Barrett Chase

about 13 years ago

Does "Duluth Does" take requests? Because I would love to hear Duluth Does Dr. Demento. No disrespect -- I'm serious here.


about 13 years ago

Dr Demento could be very interesting. There will be another Duluth Does event next spring, we'll keep you posted.

Bad Cat!

about 13 years ago

I love the seagull addition to the Woodstock image!
And ditto on the Dr. Demento - that would be sweet!


about 13 years ago

Now I'm really bummed out. I thought I read that registration would start on Sept. 4th. Now I realized that it will go until Sept. 4th, but the artist we had planned on signing up for is taken. I'm not sure how I feel about covering Country Joe and the Fish.


about 13 years ago

Duluth does WOODY!!!

Duluth Does HANK!!!

Paul Lundgren

about 13 years ago

Duluth Does Giljunko.


about 13 years ago

May I humbly suggest Duluth Does Devo?

Aside from the benefit of alliteration, Devo's music was groundbreaking and holds up well, and there is growing acceptance of their prescient theory of de-evolution.

Also, I like analog synths.


about 13 years ago

Duluth Does Devo (incl MN connection) Great.

Duluth Does Denver (loved mpls version)

Duluth Does Prince? (or Purple Rain)

Duluth Does Demento is a good one, too, Barrett).

Duluth does Bruce (The Boss)

How about (film concept) Duluth Does Hughes (Songs from John Hughes Movies or just one soundtrack at a time ... say ... "pretty in pink" to start?)
Duluth Does Floyd?
Waylon Jennings?
Smokey, Marvin ... or any Motown ... 
Flatt & Scruggs?

I could go on and on.  No one ever asked before.  Come to think of it, no one asked this time, either.


about 13 years ago

Duluth Does Lewis (Huey).


about 13 years ago

Duluth Does DULUTH!!!!!!!!


about 13 years ago

duluth does the dead


about 13 years ago

Duluth Does MJJ?

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