Truth in Advertising

This behemoth was about 30 feet long and aptly named.



about 14 years ago

It really does exist!

Dating back to our family vacation days, my siblings and I sometimes take note of the ridiculous names on massive RVs. One day in the middle of nowhere in Canada about five years ago, I passed an "Intruder" RV - but I couldn't get a photo and I sometimes wondered if my eyes had deceived me.

So sadly, sadly ironic.


about 14 years ago

One of these babies ran a red light the other day and almost took me out.  I was really mad.  I wanted to kick it, I would have if it wasn't so much bigger than I am.


about 14 years ago

Ahhhh, the scourge of the highway.


about 14 years ago

This is why I love my teardrop trailer.

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