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After the end of last week’s Friday Night Movies in the Park (MITP) I caught the “screen check” for Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D and I was actually stoked enough to get the full experience that I asked my friend Martin, the projectionist if I could pop on the 3D glasses for a minute. OK, I actually was like a little kid in a candy store and basically grabbed the glasses from him, but he was understanding about the whole thing. It looked really great. Full disclosure here, I have a long relationship with the MITP as a food vendor and an organization I work for, Boyz II Dadz, is sponsoring this week’s film, thus, even if I thought it was going to be terrible, I’d still be pushing people to go like crazy. But I don’t think it’s going to be terrible, on the contrary, I think it is going to be mind blowing. Especially for people who get up front and centered pretty close in Leif Ericson Park.


I was way back in the park and I still got goose bumps from just a 30-second viewing of Brendan Fraser brushing his teeth. To be fair, this is not a classic movie, it got very middle of the road reviews, and it probably doesn’t deserve an Oscar (except maybe for visual effects). Boyz II Dadz & MITP selected it because it was a live action movie that we could get it in 3D and it does show a very sweet relationship between a boy without a father and his uncle (with a beautiful Icelandic mountaineer thrown in for panache and color). We also liked that it encourages kids to read, explore and think. a la the author who created the concept, Jules Verne. Also, it is rated pg, making it a rare movie (these days) that appears to have been designed to appeal to the entire family all at once. Altogether … in 3D, and outdoors, on the shore of Lake Superior FOR FREE, it will be something spectacular.

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Trent and Brita Edgerton (inset) will have 3,000 3D glasses available for everyone to wear that night and Boyz II Dadz is handing out thousands of bottles of bubbles to celebrate the family-friendly, smoke-free environment in the park.

Rain or shine this will probably be the biggest night of the year for MITP, and maybe the biggest night for the series ever. See you there,


Wildgoose, er … Speedy, er … oh never mind who, See you there.



about 15 years ago

Not entirely off topic, but did you all know it would take about 45-50 minutes to travel in a straight line from one surface point to another on the Earth?  I haven't seen the flic, so maybe they touch on that little gravitational weirdness.

I think the official take is 42 minutes with no friction in the scientific community.  Some unspoken inspiration for Douglas Adams' "Hitchhiker's Guide", perhaps?  He swore he just picked a number, but now I wonder.

OK, I should start attending geek prom.


about 15 years ago

Hey Barrett, is there a hidden reason my comment came out as William Shatner?  I really think it's my browser.  One thing that comes out terribly ironic on my browser is that the first two stanzas (with the newline) come out to 42, and all of it comes out to 45 lines.


about 15 years ago

Just ignore this post if you don't care :)

Oops, that was supposed to be "45 without".

Not that the num 42 has any significance.  In real life, a straight tunnel would probably take about an hour powered only by gravity if you can avoid the bounce effect.  I know, i know, shut up now, huitz.

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