What are they chucking out the window in Rice Lake Township?


I took a one-mile walk with the dog this evening. Litter found (and picked up / disposed of properly) along the road:

– Minnesota trailer license plate

– The back of a child-size guitar

– Walgreens receipt for three pounds of epsom salts, nothing else ($3.44)

– Note reading: OFFICE MAX

– remains of a Deli Express sandwich container



about 15 years ago

Dang! I bet someone forget to go to Office Max because they lost their note.


about 15 years ago

Were they all nicely placed like that?  IF not, you may have messed up a potential crime scene.  Legally, you can't connect the litter to the license plate.


about 15 years ago

Let me expound.  If you run into random litter that is cluttered, but close by, you should notify authorities.  If it doesn't seem that bad, maybe call the city or county.  If it seems weird (we can all spot things that don't seem right), call 911.

The only reason I'm piping in --and I hope the OP isn't a joke -- is that people should just take pics of things how they sit, not moved and piled together, or even worse, disposed of.


about 15 years ago


I placed all the items together for a photo at the end of the walk.

But now that you bring up the possibility, here's a scenario that could connect all the scattered items:

An angler is motoring up north, boat trailer in tow, window down, munching on a Deli Express sandwich and pleased at the great deal he just got on epsom salts at Walgreens. And there's that great deal on copy paper at Office Max to hit on the way home.

Wait! There's something in the road! Crunch! He swerves, but still crushes a child-size guitar to oblivion. As he does, the trailer's license plate is jarred off and his tasty sandwich slips from his hand and out the window.

He pulls to the side of the road, and as he opens the door his Walgreens receipt and Office Max note fly off in the wind.

He goes on with his trip, doesn't catch anything AND forgets to go to Office Max on the way home.

How's that?


about 15 years ago

Someone was on their way to the dump (WLSSD recycle center) and this crap blew out of their trailer.


about 15 years ago

I like your proposed scenario akjuneau.
If that is all you found on your walk then you are lucky.
I stopped this morning on my way to work to look at the sparkly lake. 
I was amazed at the amount of refuse located at the rest stop. 
Although there was a garbage can in the area, someone carelessly left a bunch of garbage in a pile by the lake.
Do the litter bugs of the world feel guilty (or does their laziness cloud their judgement)?


about 15 years ago

No, akjuneau, it's planted evidence, you see.  Someone is framing someone.  God, I watch to much Law and Order tv.

silly goose

about 15 years ago

Re: the epsom salts, I'm thinking perhaps a horse owner/farm owner may have purchased them since Rice Lake has more barns than any other Duluth area. When a horse gets an abcessed hoof, you soak it in an epsom salt solution.

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