Anyone know anything about this?

There’s an ad in today’s paper about a “salvage stone sale” this weekend on Park Point, at 3101 Minnesota Ave.

The ad refers to a Web site. The site says:

“Own a piece of history: Brownstone, limestone, slate, marble, granite… An incredible collection of historic building elements including benches, capitals, finials, etc.”

Does anyone know if someone is pulling apart an old house out there? Is this someone’s collection of garden decorations? Just a vacant lot these sellers had access to? Are these things from old buildings here in Duluth?


Paul Lundgren

about 15 years ago

I know there's someone in town who recovers pieces of old demolished buildings around town and sells them. This seems to be that guy.

Tim K

about 15 years ago

He has an incredible "garden" down on the Point. I'm sure he doesn't have room for every cool piece of architectural stone work this town has shed.


about 15 years ago

I was there a few years ago, but can no longer find the house from the street (I'll rediscover it this weekend it seems!).  The guy has all sorts of cool stonework from historic buildings that unfortunately are no longer with us.

I'm glad, however, that someone is salvaging what they can.


about 15 years ago

This guy is formerly my landlord.  He's also a big slum lord.  He buys rights to buildings and strips them of anything pretty/cool/valuable.  He has a ton of money but can't even fix a lousy leak from a bathroom directly over my pantry. Sorry, but there's no way I'd give him any more of my money.


about 15 years ago

Sorry to hear the guy is a jerk. Years ago at this sale, I got a piece of the 1888 building that was torn down to make way for the Soft Center. I would recommend visiting the sale just to see the variety of old stones.

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