Great Lakes Documentarian

A friend of a friend is looking to buy a cheap but lake-worthy boat in Duluth. He’s an artist working on a project documenting threats to Great Lakes fresh water. 

He wants to start in Duluth and work towards the Ocean.  He is looking for somebody that hangs out with small-fishing-company-types, or lake-ecology-research-professor types that might get his quest for a boat started.

This is his website:



about 15 years ago

There are plenty of freshwater/big Lake science types well versed with the current situation at both the UMD Large Lakes Observatory and the US Enviromental Protection Agency (EPA).  Feel free to call the latter at 218.529.5000.  Describe what you are after and someone should be able to help.


about 15 years ago

You can have my updated "paddle to the sea story idea" for free.  I don't exactly hang with the boated set, but I think it's a great idea.  Have him check at the Duluth Boat Club on Park Point, surely someone there has something they might want to share, lease or sell.

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