Large-flowered trilliums

trilliums847Have you noticed these suckers are everywhere this spring?

I must see eight dozen wild flowers for every tick I pluck off my socks. Not a bad ratio.



about 15 years ago

They're gorgeous and I love them.  I keep hoping to find some in my neck of the woods, but all we have are nodding trillium, which, while pretty, hide their flowers under the leaves; you really have to go searching for them.


about 15 years ago

Lots on the Munger bike trail.


about 15 years ago

Huh!  For me it's been bunchberries, not trillium (of any variety).  Or maybe I'm just going to some very bunchberry-y places (most recently, Hartley and the SHT out by the Zoo/Spirit Mountain).


about 15 years ago

I've noticed more bunchberries this year too, Sonya.  And a ton of anemones.


about 15 years ago

been a ton of wild strawberries as well


about 15 years ago

Lots of bunchberries by me, too, this year.

Sadly, there is a big threat to large-flowered trilliums and a lot of other cool wildflowers: the huge overpopulation of deer.

Down where I grew up, near Milwaukee, the floor of the woods on my family's land used to be covered - covered - with trilliums. Then about 15 years ago, we started noticing less and less. Then we started seeing the nipped-off stems. And now, the only ones left are the ones my dad puts chicken wire around each spring. Same goes for lady-slippers. And now the deer have started eating other wildflowers, too.

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