do you like to break stuff?

about six months ago, i backed into my concrete porch steps. luckily, that part of my car was already crapped up. unluckily, the steps (which cracked, at the time) have finally collapsed, sort of. i mean, one stair caved in. i need someone to come and break up the rest of it. if you have a sledgehammer and some pent-up rage, this is your project.

safety glasses provided. 341-8369.



about 14 years ago

I suggest calling Jerry at London Road Rental and getting an electric jack-hammer.  I tried using a BFH on mine, and quickly came to the conclusion I needed to up the technology.


about 14 years ago

You could probably fix it with a wooden mold and some quick-crete.


about 14 years ago

You should post this on the DCB...they have a lot of pent up anger over there. If you could convince one of them to crawl outta the basement you'd probably have a human jackhammer on the job.


about 14 years ago

steps: demolished!  

i'm all for keeping things useful whenever possible, but i think the pdd'er who did the job will attest that these steps were beyond repair.

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