MN Fathers Forever 3.21.09

MN Fathers Forever
Connecting fathers and children.
Saturday, March 21st
at 9:30 am – 3:00 pm
Fond du Lac Tribal & Community College
2101 – 14th Street, Cloquet, MN

Oscar Reed Former Vikings "Purple People Eater"
Keynote speaker former Vikings great Oscar Reed plus a meet and greet with 2008 NCAA Div 2 champs UMD Bulldogs.
Possible Drivers License reinstatement and/or waiver of a portion of past due child support
Movie “Smoke Signals” –
Child support modification assistance
Legal information and assistance
Lunch available
Informational booths

Limited transportation provided by AEOA to those living in
the Duluth area – Call Boyz II Dadz to coordinate (218) 391-8330

Free child care available during event – Call: 1-800-662-5711 ext. 262

Hope to see you there,

Love JP



about 13 years ago

"Possible Drivers License reinstatement and/or waiver of a portion of past due child support"

Huh?  Is anyone else weirded out by this whole post?


about 13 years ago

Is this gonna get hijacked, too? 
Or was that a legitimate question?

Paul Lundgren

about 13 years ago

It seems like a legitimate question. (Although Danny will have to speak for himself on why the post in general weirds him out.)

So, fathers who attend this event are eligible to have their drivers license reinstated and portions of past due child support waived, right JP?

This post includes an acronym people might not be familiar with. AEOA is the Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency.


about 13 years ago

I can kind of see it, too. Like lets celebrate being a father by getting out of my child support payment and getting back my license which was taken from me for non-payment.  I realize that the legal system isn't always fair to fathers, but if you impregnate someone, take care of the result.  The fact we even need seminars on this is freaking ridiculous.  No offense JP.  Because unfortunately we do need this kind of thing, it's just too damn bad we do.


about 13 years ago

Its a tarp!  I mean trap!


about 13 years ago

i'd also like to possibly see some tax relief for noncustodial child support paying dads.

fact: the noncustodial support system in MN sucks. having been through the system once i can say firsthand that it's abysmal, but it's getting better. in the last few years they've changed the guidelines on support awards to take into account the custodial parent's income as well as the noncustodial's.

one thing that could possibly be done would be to have the tax laws here changed to allow dads (et al) to write off at least some portion of, if not all of their child support payments from their taxes. this would most likely result in noncustodial parents living up to their obligations by incentive rather than than punishing them by taking away their means to work to earn that support.

i know of a couple of dads who do their part and pay support but get screwed everywhere else because they don't have enough income to qualify for home loans, car loans, etcetera...chiefly because their support payments factor in quite heavily on loan applications.
what we could really use would be more of us contacting our state legislators about effecting some sort of tax reform for noncustodial parents. incentive rather than punishment.


about 13 years ago

This is the kind of dialogue PDD is awesome for.  Sorry I got so nervous.  Thanks for the comments and corrections, etc.  

I do not work for child support and I am not a law maker so I am not the best qualified to answer questions.  BUT, I'll try.  

First in response to Chris ... the event is about honoring fathers and their contributions, in general. Not just non-paying non custodial fathers.  That is the minority of dads, even though if you are struggling with the pain of NOT having an active, involved, supportive father in you or your child's life it can seem like everyone is an irresponsible clod.  So ... the event honors all fathers, even if they have made mistakes.  

The point of suspending driver's licenses or jailing dads for non-payment/contempt of child support orders is actually to GET them to pay child support.  If they can come up with a reasonable plan to pay back arrears, and get current and HELP their kids then the state or county has an interest in doing whatever it can to facilitate that.  Sometimes that means giving people a break, like reinstating their licenses.  At this event, people will have access to some great information about all aspects of health and family life, they will get to meet a genuine superstar, Oscar Reed, and some pretty heroic, impressive kids (the UMD football Bulldogs) so this is not at all, whatsoever about just fixing child support problems.  Sorry if the posting emphasizes the negative over the positive.  My error.

For the record, I grew up with a non-present, non-active, non-paying, non-custodial father.  And it really sucked.  So for my own personal part I want to do whatever I can to encourage strengthening that father child, and father-mother relationship.  

But I can see how it seems counter-intuitive.  Thanks again for the thoughtful comments.


about 13 years ago

no offence j.p. i'm not personally attacking you here. i know you're trying to do good. it's sad that this is what it is someone who step-parented 4 kids to adulthood - 2 had a full blown dead-beat dad and the other 2's dad was deceased (thank you social security) - i think all this is just silly. praise for a father being a father? classes & seminars on how to be a dad? there's a day for that and it's called FATHER'S DAY. tell that to all the moms & step-moms out there busting ass - they'll laugh in your face! if a woman fails or is on welfare everybody is all over it. as women we are expected to provide for & parent our kids. it's ingrained in our society. i'm always amazed at people who coo over men who actually take care of their own kids, like it's some big deal. ummm hello? they're your kids!


about 13 years ago

Thanks c-freak.

We are trying to help people.  And you are preaching to the choir when it comes to expecting that dads be responsible.  But all parents need a little extra help sometimes.  Moms and Dads.  And like I said, I know it may seem counter-intuitive, but we are not just flying blind here.  There is a great deal of research and other findings that support this strategy.  Including the more controversial child support mitigation efforts.   Most notably from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation (for ending Child Abuse and Neglect), the Center for the Study of Social Policy, and also fatherhood specific groups like the National Fatherhood Initiative.   I don't know how to post links in this box, but if you want to know more you could do a web search on those names and lots of cool stuff would come up.

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