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Comment on Stage Stop food tastes just like shit by doubledutch

This thing was the highlight of my grandma’s year! She’d sneakily pull it out to show people. (Heads rolled in her version of the story, too.) Good memory.

Comment on Liquor is legal in Lakeside. Who will serve it? by FranceneStarr

If I had the money, I would love to open a little bar in Lakeside.

Comment on When West Duluth Was Young by ewesterl

I love this. What a gem. Truly delightful -- thanks for sharing, Paul.

Comment on Morgan Park’s only coffee shop and eatery turns two by Dave P

Love this place! The perfect watering hole and food stop after rock climbing at Ely’s Peak or biking at Mission or taking in any of the other awesome outdoor opportunities that the western city has to offer! A gem!

Comment on Bellyflop by Herzog

His name is Precious. I dare you to feed him a hamburger, then run away.

Comment on Mystery Photo #35: Frank Lundgren and Joe Marceau by Paul Lundgren

I checked the Duluth Public Library’s microfilm of the 1918 city directory and there were zero Joe Marceaus or Frank Lundgrens listed. The library doesn’t have a 1919 directory. The 1920 directory lists two Joe Marceaus and two Frank Lundgrens.


Comment on Bellyflop by hansel

I live in the Congdon neighborhood and get to see this guy every summer. He’s a gentle giant and not intimidated by people or my dogs incessant barking whenever he strolls around our backyard. Since he has been around the same area for 5-6 years t...

Comment on Send in the Drones by Ramos

Look for Hartley pics in the next Reader, coming out Thursday. No drone though.

Comment on Send in the Drones by TimK

Commercial projects?! Fucking robots.

Comment on Send in the Drones by Paul Lundgren

I’ve also thought it would only be a matter of days before someone comes through on that.

The PDD Drone is tied up with out-of-town commercial projects, but maybe later.

Comment on Send in the Drones by Karasu

Seconded! I’ve been waiting for this, too. Hartley looks like a mess just from Woodland Ave, so I’ve been curious.

Comment on Charlie Parr – “Remember Me If I Forget” by Herzog

Duluth could be flattened by a hydrogen bomb, dogs and cats living together, and PDD’d still be throwing down posts on LOW PAR TBT like we were tiptoeing through the daisies. How about a photo of a flattened Lincoln Navigator, or children suffer...

Comment on Why no grill wars this year? by Paul Lundgren

OK, here’s the scoop:

The event was cancelled due to a recent loss of staffing at Red Rock Radio and other major summer events like the Duluth Airshow and Tall Ships, which “resulted in less than minimal forces needed to successfully market” the ...

Comment on Why no grill wars this year? by Paul Lundgren

For those who don’t know, Grill Wars has typically been a mid-August event held at Bayfront Park, though it has also been held in the Fitger’s Courtyard as early in the summer as June. It’s a grilling competition featuring burger samples from loca...

Comment on Where in Duluth? #146 by Paul Lundgren

Ensign and Johnson Plumbing and Heating of Duluth

Special K has it! It’s Ensign and Johnson Plumbing and Heating at 408 N. Central Ave. in West Duluth.

Comment on Where in Duluth? #146 by Special K

I’m guessing it’s the sketchy building on Central Ave two doors down from the Gopher across from Sammy’s and KFC.

Comment on Where in Duluth? #146 by Paul Lundgren

It’s not the Kozy Bar. I’ll reiterate that it’s a place that has never before been mentioned on PDD.

It’s not a bar. It’s not a restaurant. It’s not anything particularly glamorous or notorious.

I’d guess 99 percent of Duluthians, including me, ha...

Comment on Where in Duluth? #146 by Paul Lundgren

It’s not the former Last Place on Earth. I’ll also offer the clue that the image was shot at street level. I’ll even go so far as to say avenue level.

Comment on Where in Duluth? #146 by Paul Lundgren

Nope, not the Euclid Masonic Lodge.

Here’s a hint, or maybe the opposite of a hint: The name of the business featured in this edition of “Where in Duluth?” has never appeared on Perfect Duluth Day before.

Comment on Where in Duluth? #146 by Chad S

The old Masonic Lodge building in West Duluth on Central?

Comment on Where in Duluth? #146 by Paul Lundgren

It’s not the Red Herring. And I’ll note this isn’t an old photo of a place that has been spiffed up and opened as a new business; it’s a current photo.

That being stated, there is an old PDD post with photos from inside the Red Herring before it ...

Comment on Where in Duluth? #146 by Paul Lundgren

I was just thinking to myself, “I’m surprised no one has guessed NorShor Theatre.” But that’s not it. It’s also not the Duluth Armory. Think smaller.

Comment on Teen for God by David Beard

Thank you for this. It makes me think of the way I fell away from Catholicism — at the time, I was 16, I was, I thought, smarter than anyone else in the room, and I convinced myself that it was the impossibility of the biblical events that pushed...

Comment on Duluth Storm Damage Recap by Brian Barber

The city of Duluth has a resource page with updates at duluthmn.gov/2016-summer-storm.

Comment on Duluth Storm Damage Recap by Paul Lundgren

Havoc in the Northland

In the absence of a movement on PDD to name the storm, I guess we’ll have to go with “Havoc in the Northland 2016.” But I’m willing to hear alternate ideas.

TV stations returned to the air Friday evening.

The power was restored at the Lakewood w...

Comment on Official Map of the City of Duluth, 1889 by Paul Lundgren

I don’t have the original map or an image larger than the one posted here.