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Comment on Help searching Duluth addresses for old businesses by Mark

Rootsweb has a <a href="http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~mnstloui/dultel49.htm" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">1949 Duluth telephone directory</a> that might be helpful.

Comment on What do you know about Duluth ley lines? by DancesOnStillWater

Easy to dismiss all this as bunk but there's a lot out there on this subject with some being crap. There are energies that relate to celestial bodies. For example, what are the chances of the Great pyramid, the Pyramid of the Sun, the supposed p...

Comment on 14-31DS by Nick L

This fiscal conservative is OK with spending my tax dollars on public art. It's a minor percentage of the overall budget. Public art isn't as important as sewage disposal, public works crews and fire fighting equipment. It should not be a big e...

Comment on Do you remember Fox Night? by hbh1

It's interesting to me to see that the most trouble was in Lakeside and the East End, and this bears out through the articles I read as well from years earlier. Damn Cake-eaters are hooligans.

Comment on 14-31DS by TimK

<a href="http://www.americansforthearts.org/by-program/reports-and-data/research-studies-publications/americans-for-the-arts-publications/research-reports" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Americans for the Arts: Research Reports</a>

Comment on 14-31DS by kaye.ophelia

I don’t understand why an artist getting paid for their work makes them like a mercenary. Since when haven’t warriors been paid, even when they believed in the cause? If an artist is talented, works hard and has success, how is that wrong? Why ...

Comment on 14-31DS by the Midnight Taco

Correction to my last line: Like the opportunist compared to the mercenary, that enterprise is short lived.

Comment on 14-31DS by the Midnight Taco

Hi Kaye I guess my angst is from a few things; I have trouble funding public art projects at a time when our City has other fiscal concerns, I did not verbalized this however. I personally think using the term 'professional artist', to me is...

Comment on 14-31DS by kaye.ophelia

Wow, where to start? I’m confused as to what I’m supposed to take away from your comments. Your discomfort - at funding public art, this specific project, artists asked to provide credentials and expected to act professionally, artistic inspirat...

Comment on Do you remember Fox Night? by Paul Lundgren

By 1911, things were even quieter in Duluth on Halloween than in 1901. There were only 55 complaints received, including an incident in which a young man purportedly shot at a police office with a 22-caliber revolver. <a href="http://www.perfec...

Comment on 14-31DS by johnbeargrease

Nothing recognizes the rich history of Chester Park and ski jumping like cutting down old trees, building private residences and putting up the cell tower.

Comment on Do you remember Fox Night? by hbh1

Also, maybe they switched to the prior night tradition later because of the overwhelming cop presence on Halloween night itself?

Comment on Do you remember Fox Night? by hbh1

Gate Night! So, apparently it was called that because of the "traditional" ripping off of the household/yard gates, and sometimes they would swap them with one another.... right? I did not know that going after front gates was a Halloween thing.

Comment on Do you remember Fox Night? by Ramos

Fox Night was a thing in Calumet, Michigan in the 1980s. It was a night of general mischief and of egg wars between a handful of members of each high school class. I engaged in several minor skirmishes in the streets, defending the honor of the Cl...

Comment on Do you remember Fox Night? by hbh1

And by "throwing rocks at cars," I mean at streetcars full of people.

Comment on Do you remember Fox Night? by Tomasz

I *vaguely* remember some conversation about it during my middle school years at Morgan Park and later on at Denfeld. So vague, that I doubt I would have ever recalled it were it not for this post. I never participated, nor was closely associate...

Comment on Do you remember Fox Night? by hbh1

I looked for anything about activities prior to Halloween night in the old newspapers and didn't find anything. But considering that it was a matter of regular procedure to swear in a couple dozen (30 in 1901) extra cops to police Halloween mischi...

Comment on 14-31DS by Nick L

It's reasonable to expect a public art project to follow public bid procedures. How would it look if Jamie Ness got $15,000 to compose ski jump songs? Also, it would be frustrating if we're still waiting for an artist's Muse to arrive two years ...

Comment on A Different Argument for the Trees by Paul Lundgren

There seems to be some organizing under way. A "<a href="http://calendar.perfectduluthday.com/Stand-by-Your-Tree-2014-10-26" rel="nofollow">Stand by Your Tree</a>" event is planned for Oct. 26.

Comment on Select Images from Denfeld’s 1938 Oracle by Paul Lundgren

An interesting development related to this post. A fellow in California named Dave e-mailed me because he recently acquired an old popcorn vending machine. Inside were a bunch of Eisenach Pharmacy bags. <a href="http://www.perfectduluthday.com/...

Comment on Do you remember Fox Night? by Paul Lundgren

Fox Night is such a strange part of the lore of my youth. It was a huge topic of conversation in grade school for about a week every year, starting a few days before Oct. 30 and ending a few days later. For all the talk about hooliganism that went...

Comment on Do you remember Fox Night? by TimK

Like Jim Crow, the Scopes Monkey Trial and the invasion of Iraq, Fox Night was a bad idea that doesn't need to be repeated or celebrated.

Comment on Geek Prom on hiatus by J.J. Lee

I'm happy that I didn't live long enough to see this happen.

Comment on Geek Prom on hiatus by Purple

Don't worry. August will rescue it, in three to eight years.

Comment on A Different Argument for the Trees by ElPete

I reckon the next reasonable step would be to ask how one could put this inquiry into further action. Perhaps someone within the public safety network could assist.

Comment on Geek Prom on hiatus by Lawrence Lee

Fortunately, the Zenith City Browncoats, the numerous Nerd Niters and many, various freelance freaks stand guard!

Comment on Help searching Duluth addresses for old businesses by spy1

You can search the Polks by address at the library. Just takes a bit of guessing to nail down what you're looking for. And MaryAnne recently showed me the Sanborn maps. It's worth it just to see them. I think it's cool to physically go down there...

Comment on Do you remember Fox Night? by Beverly

It was called Gate Night in Grand Marais. We moved before I was old enough to decide whether or not to make good choices about it. I think kids sometimes got arrested, from what I can remember.

Comment on Goodbye Little and Big Chester by Paul Lundgren

News release from Duluth's Parks and Recreation Division: <blockquote><strong>City accepting requests for qualifications from artists for Chester Ski Jumps Memorial</strong> The city of Duluth is committed to memorializing the significant hi...

Comment on Geek Prom on hiatus by BadCat!

Whaaa??? But I still have a blank spot on my resume which may eventually contain "Geek Prom Queen."

Comment on This Week: scares galore, meatballs, lectures, flicks and more by Paul Lundgren

Thanks for the heads up on that, Brian. The ticket prices are listed correctly now.

Comment on A Different Argument for the Trees by ElPete

Brilliant Emily, thank you. I appreciate your intellect and perspective. It seems there could be a case made for financial savings as well. This type of model should be easy, yet time consuming to graph and illustrate. Sometimes when we are ...

Comment on A Different Argument for the Trees by BadCat!

I think we can all agree that it's awesome to have trees, and new construction should make an effort to keep existing trees. <i>However,</i> depending on the project, saving the trees can come in conflict with the goal and/or available resources. ...

Comment on From Gaylord to Mookie: The Best Names in the 1982 Topps Baseball Card Set by Paul Lundgren

It should also be noted that there are great baseball names going all the way back to the 1800s. <a href="http://files.perfectduluthday.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Captain-Jack-Glasscock.jpg" rel="nofollow"><img class="wp-image-96414" src="htt...

Comment on A Different Argument for the Trees by Claire

I live on Fourth Street; there is a magnificent tree in front of our house. But we have had two water main breaks in the last month. I love, love the trees, and if there's any way to save them, great. But I agree with HBH, that we have to think of...