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Select Images from Denfeld’s 1938 Oracle

Fly high, Duluth! Senior Ralph Eisenach takes a running broad jump.

A pair of young ladies aim for their target; Junior Lawrence L. Korda displays his pole vaulting skills.

If you were to stand at this same spot on 44th Avenue West today you’d see all of the same houses, but with full-grown trees.

Denfeld cagers Ralph Tostrup, Lawrence  Korda and Bob Ignatius.

Under the advisement of Mr. Frank Englehart, Denfeld’s chess club was a small group because the supply of chess boards was limited. Seated are John Forsman, James Johnson and Floyd Michelson. Standing are William Engwall, Paul Lindgren, Walter Gunderson, Howard Johnson and Kenneth Johnson.

They don’t make ’em like they used to — bikes, cars, houses and girls.

Another shot from Denfeld’s front lawn on 44th Avenue West.

These sophomores look like they want to be Donald Trump’s apprentice. Left to right: James Sommers (class president), Dorothy Sundstrom (VP), Roger Ostdahl (secretary) and Anna Moline (treasurer).

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  1. Thank you for doing this! My dear departed dad was Denfeld ’40 so I am guessing he knew all these folks. When did boys in their best clothes stop lounging on lawns for photos? Classic. I am Duluth Cathedral ’72. Again, thanks!

    Mary Small | Nov 21, 2010 | New Comment
  2. Ralph Eisenach (top pic) was my grandpa’s brother. He died three years ago. Crazy.

    The Breck Girl | Nov 21, 2010 | New Comment
  3. Awesome.

    JS Curtis | Nov 21, 2010 | New Comment
  4. A couple more shots from this collection are on the Denfeld Alumni Association website.

    Paul Lundgren | Nov 22, 2010 | New Comment
  5. Wasn’t there an Eisenach pharmacy on Grand Ave? And, do you know if William Engwall was related to the green house/florist? Only in Duluth could you randomly pull some photos and have someone thinking of how they might be connected to something else! One degree of separation is so cool!

    Patty | Nov 22, 2010 | New Comment
  6. Special note to Nicole Kreidler:

    Here are your grandparents, Gladys Suk and Bob Kreidler.

    Paul Lundgren | Nov 22, 2010 | New Comment
  7. Thanks Paul. That is very cool. I will print these for my grandma and my dad (since Robert is deceased)

    Nicole | Nov 22, 2010 | New Comment
  8. Patty--

    Yes the Eisenach Pharmacy on Grand Avenue was the pharmacy owned by Ralph Eisenach. Small world isn’t it?

    Nicole | Nov 22, 2010 | New Comment
  9. Hi Nicole! Small world, indeed! This is such a great way to learn a bit more about the history of our town.

    Patty | Nov 22, 2010 | New Comment
  10. Thanks for posting these pix. My mom, Edith Mac Intosh (Emma), also graduated in 1938. My dad, Melvin Ramsli (Ken) graduated in 1937 and later owned Duluth Tent and Awning. They were both proud Denfeld graduates as was my sister Linda (1962) and I (1966).

    Nancy Ramsli Kurpius | Nov 23, 2010 | New Comment
  11. I also have a copy of the 1938 Oracle plus 1931,33,37 and 1940.

    Roger Nesje | Nov 23, 2010 | New Comment
  12. Sadly, and by strange coincidence, Ralph Eisenach’s widow, Alyce, died 10 days after this thread was started. She was 91, and also a 1938 Denfeld grad.

    Eisenach Pharmacy was at 5709 Grand Ave. in the 1960s and early 1970s. (Today that location is the office of Paul T. Paczynski, CPA.) In the mid-to-late 1970s and into the 1980s the pharmacy was at 5503 Grand Ave. (Today that location is the Grand Avenue Veterinary Clinic.)

    Paul Lundgren | Dec 1, 2010 | New Comment
  13. For Nancy Ramsli Kurpius:

    Here is your mother.

    The yearbook I have belonged to Willis Paulson. The word “married” is written by the names of a lot of people, presumably by Willis after she learned the person had been married.

    Emma signed the book: “Willis, you’re a friend worth having. You helped me out plenty. Luck + success -- Emma” (The words “out plenty” are a little fuzzy, so I can’t be certain I got that right.)

    Paul Lundgren | Dec 1, 2010 | New Comment
  14. I wish people would still dress like that everyday. What an awesome history!

    Kar @ All Game | Jan 28, 2011 | New Comment

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