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Go Twins!

The Minnesota Twins and Detroit Tigers are tied for the American League Central Division Championship. The Tigers defeated the Chicago White Sox 5-3 today, and the Twins topped the Kansas City Royals 13-4.

The tie-breaking Twins/Tigers game will be on Tuesday, 4 p.m., at the Metrodome, about 17 hours after the Viking/Packer game ends. Quite a back-to-back lineup.

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  1. Not to mention today was suppose to be the Twins last game in the “big inflatable toilet” that was the homerdome. I guess they will play one more regular season game in the Metro Dome and hopefully a bunch of playoff games. Wouldn’t it be great to win it all in the last year of the Dome.

    Then next year… Welcome to Target Field!

    Cory | Oct 4, 2009 | New Comment

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