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Videos: Homegrown 2021 Day Three

Video of the Homegrown Music Festival‘s DJ livestream from the Embassy does not appear to be available in an embeddable format to show here, but it can be viewed on

The Crunchy Bunch DJ collective made a podcast highlighting local DJs, artists and musicians

As the Crunchy Bunch, we’ve been DJing for almost nine years now, and we decided it was time to try something a little different. We started making a podcast that would feature new beats that we discover, as well as a sit-down, relaxed chat with a local face.

So far we’ve had DJ Kevin Craig, DJ Walt Dizzo, and the newest episode with Chad Lyons in the studio.

Check it out at! We’re still exploring ideas and trying to make it better and better each episode.

Enjoy 😀

The Crunchy Bunch – a DJ collective

Hello Duluthians of P.D.D. My name is Alexis and I am a member of The Crunchy Bunch. We are a DJ collective that is all about spinning funky and bangin’ tunes while having a good time. We have spun at a ton of different events; from small art shows to having a spot at the Rex during Homegrown. We are all down to spin where ever for whatever, whenever. We just love hearing loud music on big speakers. A couple of us also produce and remix on our own time. If you throw a party, event, or a get together of any sort that needs dance music, let us know! We are looking for any kind of business we can get. We really want to get our foot in the door of the Duluth music scene and possibly bring our part of the world of DJing to a new community. You can contact us via Facebook or Soundcloud.

Funky Fresh Friday – DJ Dance Night at Hell Burgers

Once again, DJs Branologic, White Privelegé and Nessie will be spinning nothing but the phrestest new tracks and the phattest oldies. Put on your dancin’ shoes and get ready to bob your head.

Prepare your ears to hear tracks from such artists as: Daft Punk, Crookers, Mr. Flash, Justice, Sebastian, the Bloody Beetroots and much much more…

Open to all ages, but for you 21+ers, it’s $3 pints all night! The kitchen is open until midnight, so you’ll have a chance to grab a burger too.

Friday, Sept. 3, 11pm-1am. @ Hell Burgers

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