Slow TV Posts

Slow TV: Moving Chickens at the Food Farm

Slow TV documents ordinary events over long periods of time in delightful detail. This particular example features live animals, an on-camera introduction and a few seconds of fast-motion!

But don’t get used to these exciting innovations. Our next video could just as easily be 12 straight hours of grass growing.

Slow TV: Broccoli Planting at the Food Farm

So good for you. So slow for you.

Slow TV: Winter Share Packing at the Food Farm

See your Food Farmers pack up February’s share of vegetables and experience a phenomenon I like to call “maximum mesmerization.”

Slow TV! Coming Soon from the Food Farm

Have you ever wondered how the Food Farm in Wrenshall grows such delicious and wholesome food? In 2016, you’ll get to feast on a bumper crop of incredibly-detailed-but-somehow-mesmerizing-behind-the-scenes videos shot at the farm in the style of Norwegian public television’s Slow TV documentaries. Here’s a small taste.