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Second chance to enter Grandma’s

To raise money to help complete the Joe Gomer statue at the new Duluth International Airport, Security Jewelers is auctioning an entry to the Garry Bjorklund/Grandma’s Half Marathon. This is a totally sold out event and 100 percent of proceeds will go to help honor this true American hero who was a member of the Tuskegee Air force. Please forward this message on to make all who missed out on an entry aware.

Who wants an entry for Grandma’s Half Marathon?

I have one entry left for Grandma’s Half Marathon. First one to call Security Jewelers 218-722-6633 (ask for Carrie or Wynette) and is willing to make a check out SMDC Childrens Hospital for $150 gets it. $75 of the $150 is tax deductible.

I have auctioned these entries on ebay in the past with proceeds always going to local nonprofits and usually get anywhere from $300-$1,000. $150 is a bargain for this sold out event and it goes to a great cause.