Life Parade Posts

Life Parade – “Something”

Cameron Mathews of the Duluth band Life Parade performs a cover of the Beatles song “Something” from the 1969 album Abbey Road.

Life Parade – “A Little Bit Longer”

Duluth’s Cameron Mathews performs a preview of a song from the upcoming Life Parade album.

Live from Studio A: Life Parade

Duluth band Life Parade appeared on KUMD’s Live From Studio A back in September. Video of the session has now emerged.

The Playlist Presents: Life Parade

WDSE-TV‘s The PlayList Presents is a series of 5-minute segments featuring emerging musicians, including interview clips and a live performance. The Jan. 30 episode focused on the pop-rock band Life Parade, with footage from the 2019 Catalyst Content Festival.

The PlayList Presents airs Thursday nights at around 8:20 p.m., after Making it Up North.

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