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Dave Mehling – “Country, USA”

Duluth native Dave Mehling has a new EP in the works titled 100 Percent Denial. The single “Country USA” features Stacy K on vocals and Jason McGlone on drums. The track is mixed by McGlone and mastered by Rob Schlette.

Dave Mehling – “Will Bloom”

Duluth native Dave Mehling has a new ambient album, Tired Fruit, out tomorrow, May 7. “Will Bloom” is one of five tracks on the digital release.

Bandcamp waives its revenue share on the first Fridays of the month during the pandemic to help support artists who have seen their livelihoods disrupted by the pandemic.

Dave Mehling – “Show Biz Kids”

The latest release from Duluth native Dave Mehling‘s forthcoming album, Beach Boy, is this Steely Dan cover.

Dave Mehling – “Garden”

Duluth native Dave Mehling has released another video for a track from his upcoming album — Beach Boy.

Dance Attic – “Livin’ with a Bear”

The Homegrown Music Video Showcase was released today. It includes this video by Dave Mehling for the Dance Attic song “Livin’ with a Bear,” from the forthcoming album Livin’ for Today.

Check out all of the Homegrown Music Video Showcase at perfectduluthday/com/hg2020.

Dave Mehling – “The Catfish Song”

Duluth native Dave Mehling covers Townes Van Zandt’s “The Catfish Song” in this video with images based on Tina Higgins Wussow’s short story “Wilting Point.”

Dave Mehling – “What About Tonight?”

Duluth native Dave Mehling has released the second video featuring music from his upcoming album — Beach Boy.

Dave Mehling – “Big Time Sadness”

Duluth native Dave Mehling has a new album on the way — Beach Boy. Here’s the video by Ben Abrahamson for the first single.

Gaelynn Lea – “The Long Way Around”

The official music video for Gaelynn Lea‘s new single, “The Long Way Around,” was shot, directed, edited and produced by Dave Mehling in Duluth, with assistance in the shooting by Rachael Stigsell and Paul Tressler.

The line drawings are by Lee Zimmerman. The actor is Vlad Messing.

Beaner’s Central New Year’s Eve Bash

Twenty-four original bands starting at 7 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 31. See the schedule on the PDD Calendar or at the Beaner’s Central website.

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