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The Slice: Live Streaming Guitar Lessons with Darin Bergsven

Duluth musician Darin Bergsven has been performing and teaching guitar online since March.

In its series The Slice, WDSE-TV presents short “slices of life” that capture the events and experiences that bring people together and speak to what it means to live up north.

New Darin Bergsven video is quite sappy

[This post originally contained an embedded video that is no longer available at its source.]

… and that’s just how I like it. I hope you do, too. This cover of the Pixies’ “Ana” is on my CD Out of Nowhere. The video was made by Brian Barber; many thanks to him.

Darin Bergsven – “Out of Nowhere”

A video shot while Darin Bergsven was recording his CD at Sacred Heart this spring. The CD will be available at shows, and he’s playing tomorrow morning, June 3, 10:30 am at Luce.

Darin Bergsven featured in Lake Voice

Here’s a nice profile of musician Darin Bergsven. Thanks to the Lake Voice for singing about one of our local unsung culture heroes.

Full disclosure: Darin’s a good friend, and I’m quoted in the article, but that does not detract from his, or the article’s, awesomeness.

Darin Bergsven

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