DanSan Creatives Posts

Who is Rainbow Trout?

Deep-cut classic country DJ Rainbow Trout is the subject of this new documentary, directed by Daniel Oyinloye of DanSan Creatives. Trout has been a volunteer on Grand Marais’ 90.7 FM WTIP North Shore Community Radio since 2001.

Alex Lewis – “Rivers and Roads”

Duluth’s Alex Lewis covers the song “Rivers and Roads” in this video produced for Mentor North by DanSan Creatives. The song was composed by the Head and the Heart and appeared on the band’s self-titled album, released in 2011.

The Ethel Ray Nance Story

Karen Nance — author, public speaker and attorney — is the granddaughter of civil rights activist Ethel Ray Nance, who was part of one of the few biracial families in Duluth in 1920. The family lived just four blocks from the site of the 1920 lynchings of Elias Clayton, Elmer Jackson and Isaac McGhie.

Kweluude – “Bases,” “My Life” and “The Message”

Duluth artist Kwe Perry, aka Kweluude, has three tracks on the new Mixtape Project 6.0 release from DanSan Creatives.

Paula Gudmundson – “Partita in A minor”

Dr. Paula Gudmundson, associate professor of music at the University of Minnesota Duluth, performs J.S. Bach’s “Partita in A minor” in this music video shot throughout Duluth on Sept. 16 as part of the Bach Society of Minnesota’s Mini Mobile Concerts Series.

Charles Obije, et. al. – “Let it Shine”

Duluth-area musicians join forces with DanSan Creatives, the city of Duluth and the U.S. Census Bureau in this music video encouraging everyone to complete the 2020 census form.

Seyi & JayGee – “If This Was the End of the Road”

Is this video good enough or not done yet? Seyi Oyinloye and JayGee have issued the “SeyiNJayGeeChallenge” to help make an even better version.

Instructions: Download the audio from SoundCloud and post your own video of anyone dancing and singing along to it with hashtags #SeyiNJayGeeChallenge #SupportBlackArtists #2020Quarantine and # the city you’re in.

Videos uploaded by March 31 will be a part of the final music video.

“Own Mine” Cypher Mix

Duluth’s DanSan Creatives and video director Sandra Oyinloye bring together the talents of Natasha Lancour (Royalty), Corey Haynes (Young Casper), Diona Johnson (Di Jay), Jordan Moses (UrkelX), Jeremy Gardner (JayGee) and Seyi Oyinloye (Seyi) in this “musical cypher” produced as the fifth part of the MixTape Project Initiative.