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Historic Androy hotel bar gets makeover as Steel Toe Pub

Ben and Margie Regner, photo by Lissa Maki

Ben and Margie Regner

Steel Toe Pub quietly opened in February in the historic Androy Hotel’s lobby at 1213 Tower Avenue in Superior. Patrons of the former Androy Lounge might find the pub unrecognizable as the space has been extensively renovated in the past year.

Owners Margie and Dave Regner have also been proprietors of the hotel since 1986. Margie said her husband and sons did much of the work on the bar themselves, ripping out layers of false ceilings and taking down several walls to reveal exposed brick. “We totally gutted the whole place,” she says.

Androy Hotel: Superior’s Hidden Gem

Whether or not you appreciate the Androy, I believe it is all about expectations. If you are expecting a Marriott, this is not your place. You have to appreciate how vintage the Androy is. You have to want to totally geek out about the original 1920’s bathrooms with octagon tile, the old letter box and mail chute, the big chunky keys for the original wood doors, the step back in time lobby, the original hotel telephone switchboard, and rooms with two queen sized beds for only $50.

The Androy has almost a cult following. People either love it or hate it. But if you love it, you will come back again and again. That’s the category I fall into. Can’t beat the location — can walk to any number of live music or night life venues. Papa Don’s restaurant downstairs is one of the best greasy spoon breakfasts in town and open 24 hours. Walk across the street and get a Vintage Italian Pizza to take back to your room. Just minutes from all of the attractions in Duluth without having to pay out the nose for Duluth hotel prices (and couldn’t find this kind of character at those places anyhow). So many reasons to love the Androy!