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Alternative view on drugs

Tour the US Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw

US Coast Guard Cutter MackinawA year or so ago I was allowed access to the new Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw while it was on dry dock at Fraser Shipyards. At the time it was recieving an upgrade to the propellar system. They were happy to give me access and this tour gets alot of hits from all over the country. As crew members get notified they will be transfered to this vessel a lot of them check out the tour to see thier new home for the next few years. Take a tour yourself!

Tribute Fest 2011

Tribute Fest 2011My wife and I had an opportunity to attend the Tribute Fest this year.  It is a concert to raise money for homeless Minnesota Veterans. The organization it helps is called the Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans. It is the first year it was held at Bayfront Park. We had a lot of fun attending, got very sunburnt and gained a few pounds eating vendor food. This is the end result. A handful of 360 images, 20 or so still photos and a 7-minute video clip of the artists. Please consider attending this event next year as all the proceeds go to a great cause. It’s because of the veterans we live in the great country we have.

Duluth in 360


Ever been inside the Old Central Clock tower? How about the I-35 graffiti tunnels? Tall Ships, Bentleyville and the Blues Fest are all available for an online virtual tour on There are over 150 different locations to view containing over 400 individual scenes. Experience the Lakewalk, Skyline Parkway, museums, restaurants, hotels and numerous other scenic areas.

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