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Downtown restaurant gem: Oriental House

At 319 W. First St. is an 8-month-old Asian restaurant specializing in Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese cuisine called Oriental House. My spouse and I stopped by this evening to try it out. With the recent PDD post on Pak’s, I figured the power of social media would get the word out on this little gem of a restaurant since I don’t think many folks know about it.  

Other Duluth PhD students?

I’m looking to form a PhD student group for those who would like to get together as a social support network. I’ve been living in Duluth for awhile after completing coursework and I’m struggling to stay on track since I’m so far away from peers and professors. Is anyone else experiencing the same thing? I’m thinking of having the group meet once a week or every other week–depending on schedules–and providing feedback on what we all write during the intervening time. I hope there’s at least one other person in Duluth who’s going through the same thing! Please contact me!