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10 Days to the Charter for Compassion

Like and, this is another product of the TED Conferences.

Charter for Compassion trailer from TED Prize on Vimeo.

Happy Peace Day Everybody

Learn how to celebrate Peace Day. There are 5 hours left.

And visit

The Fractals. Beer. Pizza. Prizes. Tomorrow.


Weather doesn’t look great, but it’s sure to be better than last year’s miserable conditions — and that was a blast.

Testing the new policy…

Thought I would try out the gray area in the promotion portion of the PDD policy. Figured I could post this for the following reasons:

1. The shirts are local.
2. They have a positive impact through their message and the organizations that benefit from the proceeds. More positive can only dilute the negative.
3. They all have at least something to do with art or humanity. And I know there are a lot of artists and humans in the PDD community.
4. At least two of them can be related to music, which I’m guessing will win the approval of Culture Czar Baci (kidding Baci, but I do like that title).

Hopefully, that’s enough to qualify. If not, feel free to remove. And yes, I have permission from Fatboy Slim’s management to use his music.


Have kids age 9 to 12? Or know someone who does?

preserving creativity | spreading beauty

They can pick up an official Art Jam poster entry at Papa Murphy’s (Kenwood, Superior, West Duluth) and return it by March 13 for a free mini pizza!


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