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Exp. Tues. @ The Venue


8-11 pm

be there or…

be at Sacred Heart or Blue Crab.

Tuesday night should have our own kickball team–Dada approach.  TimK, could you build a backpack van de graaff generator with blinky lights and a vaccum attachment by noon on Saturday? We’ll need it for the game (Buenos Aries, 1941).

Better Late Than Never? You Be the Judge.

So, I finally got around to releasing that EP.

The one that I said that I’d have done for my art opening at Beaner’s last month.

Well, it’s online.  And free.  For a while, I’m sure.

Bone Black: Improvisations on Amplified Harmonica

It’s raw, warty, and immediate.

Check it out.

Sammy Macon.

P.S. I’m playing at Bob’s sale on Sunday, 3/22.  When do I play, Bob?

For those not going to the Mitchell…

Beaner’s has been kind enough to let me display roughly 40 new drawings and paintings. Reception is this Thursday @ 6:00. They’ll be up on the wall through February.


The EP will be a free download: “Bone Black: improvisations on amplified harmonica”, but you have to actually go to the reception to get the URL.

My good friends Clint Boylan and Toby Churchill will be playing music throughout the night as well. It’s really worth it just to see them.

Wait… Did I mention all of this is free?

p.s. (pdd 3.0 is nifty)

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