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Dylan ticket

I have a ticket to the Bob Dylan show at Bayfront, but won’t be able to make it.  I’ll sell it at a reduced price.  Bob Dylan on sale.  Please make a fair offer, and it’s yours.

Vegetarian-ish, garlic eating, natural-remedy-using nonsmokers

From the book Wild by Cheryl Strayed:

Who were those doctors in Duluth anyway? What was Duluth? Duluth! Duluth was a freezing hick town where doctors who didn’t know what the hell they were talking about told forty-five-year old vegetarian-ish, garlic eating, natural-remedy-using nonsmokers that they had late stage lung cancer, that’s what.

Cheryl Strayed on Amazon

We got one!

Our Charlie Brown tree came from the Superior Forest. My wife made it pretty.

Lake Superior Debris

My wife and I noticed an unusual amount of debris on the shore Saturday morning — lots of shards of glass, clinkers, ceramic, etc. Why now? Was a shipwreck dredged up?

Stolen Yard Signs

My wife and I are disappointed. We have had a “vote no” sign in our yard for the past month or so. One was stolen, like other signs in the neighborhood. I saw one or two homemade signs to replace what were stolen. We told ourselves that paying another $10 for a replacement would just be more money to the cause, so we got another. We also put a bunch of staples in the new sign and connected it to a tree with wire. We figured that they would really need to work to take it. They did. Is this happening elsewhere in town (we are in Lakeside)? How can such behavior be anything but theft? I cringe when I walk by a yard with a “vote yes” sign, but I don’t steal the sign. I think somebody’s values are seriously out of whack. We are disappointed. It’s apparently not enough to limit the freedom to marry, but free speech is also out of bounds.

Clyde Iron Rant

I don’t necessarily think this is the forum to rip into a local business, but I have to ask fellow PDDers about their experience with the quality of food and service at Clyde Iron Works. I’ve seen a couple great shows there — TBT earlier this summer, and Brandi Carlile last night. The venue itself is truly great, as is the building, but we have yet to have anything to eat there that didn’t leave us with a bad taste in our mouth, figuratively speaking.

Things to do in Duluth

I always look at the Transistor for things to do on any given week, but sometimes it can be inconvenient to have to wait for the new issue.  I have family visiting next week, and it would be nice to see what’s going on in town.  Is there anything that is anywhere near as comprehensive and as focused on the arts as the Transistor that covers a longer period of time?

Missing Kitty

We accidentally left our door open during part of Sunday afternoon, and the young cat we were watching took the opportunity to disappear. Please keep an eye out for him. He’s a very nice cat named Ozzie. Thank you!

Ethan – 4017 McCulloch St. – 218-461-9180.


I need a new snow shovel. I am much too cheap to purchase a snow blower, but the broken plastic shovel I’ve used for the past couple years is finally toast. My wife came home with a fancy ergonomic one from Sears, but I’m not crazy about the plastic. Is there a place around town to get a nice steel shovel? What’s the best option? I read that a combination of a grain scoop (for deep, powdery snow) and a regular snow shovel is the way to go. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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