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Parking Structure, Michigan Avenue, US Bank

What did I miss? Why is the US Bank-labeled parking structure on Michigan Avenue in Duluth closed?

Radiophiles and Sportphiles

Fill me in; educate me. Local FM sports station, 92.1 WWAX, a KFAN affiliate known as “The Fan,” recently sold. Before and after the sale the station’s Duluth airspace remains stale with on-air talent imaging bites that are very old. After sale, IDs are played saying the station is owned by Red Rock Radio Corporation … but it was sold. Finally, too many dead, off-air minutes or hours. What gives? I wrote to both owners when they were in charge, no responses. I like radio, I’m a dinosaur in that respect. Even dinosaurs don’t like listening to “old-time radio” imaging bites over and over and over again.

Sports on Traditional Duluth Radio

Where can one get a regular and accurate list of the location “on the dial” of live sports on radio? I have found the Duluth News Tribune sports page wanting.

Bishops Muscling Votes

I’m concerned about a “vote this way” letter received recently from our local Catholic bishop. Urges a yes vote for the November ballot “MN marriage amendment” and that you send the “yes” group money. This church move oversteps the line in my opinion. I vote for the church to lose tax exemptions.

Roads and Poles

Is there any news about the Vermillion-Tischer road repair? Is there an estimated time of completion?

Also, I’m perplexed by Denfeld High School’s parking lot and traffic pattern with utility poles in the middle of a drive path.  What gives? When will that be fixed?

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