Video Archive: Locker Room gets Blastered

The Third Base Bar on Tower Avenue in Superior used to be the Locker Room Lounge and Grill. Here is pro wrestling’s Gary “The Blaster” Lindgren extolling the virtues of the Locker Room, circa 1989.

Video Archive: Ball Scuffing

joe_niekroAug. 5, 1987: Paul Guggenheimer mans the sports desk to deliver the news that Twins pitcher Joe Niekro has been suspended for possession of an emery board and sandpaper. Plus, highlights of a Twins/Angels game; the downside is the Twins lose, the upside is they went on to win the World Series that year.

Dan Spooner of the Hill City Squad

[This post originally contained an embedded video that is no longer available at its source.]

Video by Hunter Gulan

The Little Black Books – “Page After Page”

The Lark of Duluth

Former Perfect Duluth Day intern Jamie Merideth shot and edited this video about the replica of the Lark of Duluth, “The World’s First Airliner,” being built at Sky Harbor.

There will be a Centennial event at Sky Harbor this summer from July 12-14.

Wild Turkeys in the Snow

Wrenshall’s Mark “Sparky” Stensaas has had up to 19 wild turkeys at his feeder. He tells the full story on his Photonaturalist blog.

Minnesota Aurora

Timelapse video and photography by Mark Ellis. Shot April 14 in northern Minnesota.

Cloud Cult on Minnesota Original

The Cloud Cult movie No One Said it Would be Easy screens tonight at Zinema 2, and the band will play the Twin Ports Bridge Festival in Duluth on July 6.

Tremont Hotel

Poem by Sheila Packa; video by Kathy McTavish.

Sounds of Summer

[This post originally contained an embedded video that is no longer available at the source.]

“Cabin Doors”
Video by Brian Dehler
Shot in Ely

Smashing ice at the Duluth Curling Club

[This post originally contained an embedded video that is no longer available at the source.]

If the spring weather has you frustrated, perhaps you’ll find this video cathartic.

“The Main” Trailer

In 1982 Bob Jansen was fired from his job as a college professor for being gay. After suing the institution that fired him, he took his settlement money to open the first openly gay bar in the Duluth/Superior region: The Main Club. The Main follows Jansen’s history and the history of the bar while exploring social trends that may threaten the continued existence of historically significant queer spaces like the Main Club.

Directed by Julie Casper Roth.

Low – “Just Make it Stop”

Video by Phil Harder.

Spring and plants and snails will come. Just wait.

The horror!

Low – “Plastic Cup” and “Holy Ghost” (Live on Soundcheck)

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