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Video Sessions with Charlie Parr and the Fontanelles

New local videos from North Shore Sessions featuring Charlie Parr & Lane Prekker, and the Fontanelles.

Two Many Banjos, Old City Hall

Two songs shot in Duluth’s old City Hall, including the first Skywalk built in Duluth. Other new videos up at

Lost Spaces in Duluth

I just wanted to put a general question out there for those that know the city better than me:

What are some existing abandoned buildings you know of in Duluth? (Including places that are in the works of being renovated, or even really unique, big interior spaces that aren’t abandoned).

Cloud Cult & Caroline Smith

Two new music videos shot in Duluth by North Shore Sessions:

Cloud Cult – Bobby’s Spacesuit (acoustic)

Caroline Smith Duo – Eagle’s Nest / Callio

North Shore Sessions Sarah Krueger and Russian Bride

Videos for Sarah Krueger and Russian Bride via :

North Shore Sessions: Russian Bride, Jeremy Messersmith

Here are a couple recent live music sessions featuring Minnesota artists recorded in the Duluth area — Russian Bride and Jeremy Messersmith:

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