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Help-Portrait donations/volunteers needed

Duluth’s Help-Portrait Committee is organizing the second annual Help-Portrait event to take place on Dec. 7. Donations are needed to help provide free portraits this holiday season to those who may have never had the opportunity to have a professional photograph. We also need volunteers in the form of photographers, hair and make-up artist and people with big hearts.

Ordering baby chicks anyone?!

I am looking to order baby chicks from a hatchery in February and I only want 10, but the minimum order during these cold months is usually at least 15 to 25.  I am wanting to order some rare breed chickens such as Silkies, Polish, and some other Bantams. If you are interested in ordering some as well and want to go in on an order please let me know or if you know anyone locally that has these breeds I would be interested in that as well!



This is a “call out” to all Duluth and surrounding area photographers, makeup artists, and hair stylists. I am trying to organize a Help-Portrait event on Dec. 8 at the American Indian Community Housing Organization in Duluth.