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Monitoring Lake Superior

Interested in conditions on and in Lake Superior? UMD operates two buoys in the far western arm of Lake Superior about 15 miles outside Duluth, one near the McQuade safe harbor and one offshore of that location. You can see the data in real time by following this link.

Sofa on the beach

One of my favorite things about Duluth beaches are that they are, all things considered, remarkably clean, and I make a point of picking up trash on beaches should I find some. However, I’ve met my match. There is a sofa on the beach just below the 26th Avenue East entrance to the Lakewalk. It’s already a pretty grim sight, and is only going to get worse. Two quick questions:

1. Is anyone willing to help haul it up off the beach?
2. Any ideas of how to dispose of it once we do?

Duluth on Boing Boing

Hooray! Duluth got a shout-out on Boing Boing today.

Boo! It was because of the ball-slasher guy.

The View From Your Duluth Window

Andrew Sullivan’s blog features a contest called “The View From Your Window” where people submit views, as it were, from their windows, and people have to guess where in the world it is. This week features a view familiar to Duluthians. He quotes my entry but I didn’t win.