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Cookie Temptations anyone?

Has anyone been to or ordered cookies from Cookie Temptations in Woodland? All the cookies are handmade from a secret recipe and  can be ordered individually or in a bouquet. What do you think of it?

1961-1968 racing in Hartley Park

Twelve-year-old Harold “Bo” Conrad won the 1963 Duluth race where Hartley Nature Center is today and went on to win the All-American Soap Box Derby Race in Akron, Ohio, where there were 75,000 people watching.

Woodland help

For my journalism class I am writing an “issue article” that pertains to the Woodland community. Anyone have any suggestions about a group of people, issue in the community or something interesting going on? What I am writing about is something from the community that I could show as part of a larger issue or trend. Any suggestions are welcomed!

Derby racing in Hartley

Anyone remember when they had Soap Box Derby races in Hartley back in 1961-1968? I’m writing an article on it for a class and would love any help, information or photos that anyone may know or have!


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