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For my journalism class I am writing an “issue article” that pertains to the Woodland community. Anyone have any suggestions about a group of people, issue in the community or something interesting going on? What I am writing about is something from the community that I could show as part of a larger issue or trend. Any suggestions are welcomed!



about 14 years ago

Could check in with Hartley Nature center, see what they have going. Or, talk to the people at the ex-Piggly Wiggly about the updates, remodeling. See how the Islamic Center is doing since their move to W. Winona St.?


about 14 years ago

Or you could ask Holiday how business was while the construction was going on and now that it is completed.


about 14 years ago

I would say the continuing road construction on Woodland Ave... what section are they going to do this summer, if any? What businesses/community will it impact? 

Or potentially... the impact of foreclosures on the neighborhood.


about 14 years ago

There is a new chocolate or cookie shop up at "The End" of Woodland, and the old Piggly Wiggly is now Woodland Marketplace Foods.  And the original owner of Thai Krathong has now opened up a Thai restaurant up there next to the cookie shop.

Woodland neighborhood is technically from Hartley Field and upward.  Below that is Hunter's Park and the Mt. Royal Shopping Center is something else, not sure what they call it, I call it Mt. Royal or UMD neighborhood.


about 14 years ago

This summer the section of Woodland between St. Marie Street and Arrowhead Road is supposed to be redone.


about 14 years ago

How about the upcoming closing of Woodland middle school-- see the article in Friday's paper.


about 14 years ago

What is the definition of "Woodland Community"?  As Taxidancer points out, the Woodland neighborhood is located above Hartley. This means that Holiday, Woodland Junior High and most of Woodland Avenue are technically not part of the "Woodland Community".


about 14 years ago

Thank you all for your suggestions and help! I really appreciate it!

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