CJD Posts

Board Games in Duluth

Is there anywhere in Duluth (bar or coffee shop) with a good collection of board games? Classic games, not weird ones that take days to learn. I’d like to get some people together outside of my home. Just need a good place to do it! Thanks!

Trail for Absolute Beginner XC Skiers

I’m wondering what the best (least scary) trails are for newbies to the sport of XC skiing. I’ve been on XC skis once (and downhill skis once). People say Lester is beginner friendly, but I found it a bit frightening. I’d like to learn on a trail with some nice gentle slopes and curves. Suggestions??? Thanks!

Minnesota Wine Exchange closing?

Did Minnesota Wine Exchange go out of business? Or is it just changing locations?  I bought a half-price gift certificate and went to use it, but it looked like they were packing up.

I really need to stop buying these gift certificates. I think it’s a curse to the business. I bought three for Thai Krathong and never got to use them. Sad to see these unique businesses go.

Thirties scene in Duluth?

I am wondering where people in their 30s go out for a few drinks in Duluth? I’m not interested in the college scene.

It’s snowing!!!

I’m hoping by the end of the week there will be an abundance of snow in Duluth. This weekend I’m going to head north and do some snowshoeing. But I would also like to get out on a weeknight after work — can anyone tell me where there are snowshoe trails that are lit up at night? Does Lester Park have snowshoe trails or are they all ski trails? Any web sites or maps to tell which trails are which? Thanks!

Starting Over Again

Hello everyone! This seems like a pretty cool website with some knowledgeable people. Anyone have any suggestions for building a social life in Duluth? I moved up here about 6 months ago for a job, and have found it challenging to meet people. Most of my coworkers are older and/or pregnant and ready to pop. Any fun clubs or events you can suggest to a (somewhat shy) late-20s female? Thanks!