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Sweeto Burrito, eh?

Something curious popped up in the last couple months, via Facebook.

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 1.12.15 PM

Finally, a burrito joint in the Twin Ports. I’ve been waiting so long … hopefully Chipotle catches the hint?

If this is actually real, it’s interesting how the Duluth burrito market went from 0 to saturated in a matter of months. Sure, we had/still have Burrito Union, but I haven’t ever exactly heard rave reviews for the place, nor have I ever generated rave reviews myself after going there. The two new burrito establishments are handy to have around for decent food in a quick pinch, but nothing earth-shattering. I frequent one or the other a couple times per month. I haven’t bothered to set foot in Burrito Union in at least two or three years.

After creeping the corporate website for this new Sweeto Burrito, it appears that its food differs vastly from the current three options, but perhaps not in a good way. The tacos look OK, but the ambitious burrito combinations don’t exactly seem to be my cup of tea. If this new restaurant comes to fruition, will it hold its own against the other players? How many burritos can a smallish city consume? Apparently a lot, judging by the line that forms outside the Chipotle almost every time I drive by.

Houses on Wisconsin Point?

I had forgotten about the fenced-off houses at the end of Wisconsin Point for a few years, until seeing them again a couple days ago. I always figured they were somehow affiliated with the lighthouse … does anyone have any other information/stories about them?

Asian grocery around the Twin Ports?

Is there actually an Asian grocery store (or anything resembling the sort) around the Twin Ports? The selection at Cub, Mount Royal and the two Super One Foods I visited is dismal at best. Perhaps I got too used to having Asian grocery stores within a ten-minute drive while I lived in St. Paul, but I can’t even find Golden Curry in a store around here. Any super-secret store I’m missing?

Roadside Eggs

Does anyone by chance know of a decent, reliable source of farm-raised eggs in the area, outside of the the Whole Foods Co-op? I grew up in an area where the roadsides were dotted by eggs-for-sale signs. I recently moved back to Duluth, and am on the hunt for eggs again.