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Duluth Snowmobiler Code of Ethics

So I feel like I am about to go to a Baci-esque Defcon 2 level on the snowmobile riders using my yard for their personal burnout entry way to the state trails. I live in Lakeside and after about the 4th ride through the middle of my yard that included track marks below the grass level I got to ask what gives. I am wondering if there is anyone out there who can fill me in on the snowmobile code of ethics. Before I start binge calling the cops I want to know if this is acceptable behavior on any level. I was a finger pointing old man at the guy I caught riding through the yard tonight that wasn’t interested in stopping to discuss the issue. I have no problems with snowmobiles as I use them plenty for ice fishing and certainly appreciate their utility. Does anybody else out there have any experience with this? Does calling the cops help?

To motorcycle or not to motorcycle

I am thinking seriously about picking up an older, used motorcycle in the interest of saving myself some money on these higher fuel prices. I am wondering if it is worth having a motorcycle for commuting in Duluth with our limited days of warmth. I am not averse to riding in cold weather if it is above freezing but would like to avoid snow, ice or any heavy rain. With that being said, are there any current riders out there have any knowledge on how many days a year you can actually ride your motorcycle in Duluth and if you feel like it is worth owning one in this climate?

Jitterbug’s Newscast

I thought that the “1000 foot shitters” was great but she may have topped it with “I am still stuck on the beaver!”

Good luck in Haiti. Miss you on the news!!

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