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Sad Summer

So there we are last night, my hubby and I, enjoying the warm Summer night driving east down Superior Street. I would say it is about 9ish or so. And there I see the saddest little child, looking tired and laying his head on his dad’s (I presume) shoulder. This child was dressed only in a diaper and was about 1 year old.

So what is the big deal you ask? Because this child was in front of the Last Place on Earth. Is it just me or is this way fucked up??? I know, I know the law is being changed and there is only so much the cops can do. But my God people think about your kids for one minute and don’t expose them to what I saw standing there last night on that sidewalk.

What a dark turn this particular area of Duluth has taken. If you don’t believe me, take a drive down Superior Street some evening and see for yourself. I hope you don’t see the same tired, sad little child I did, but it wouldn’t surprise me if you did.

Duluth Gas Prices

So what is up with the price of gas in Duluth? ($3.75 this a.m. @ BP and Spur)…yeah, yeah I know we’re a tourist town and Grandma’s Marathon just packed their bags and left but seriously, the national average is $3.53 and Sam’s Club has gas this morning at $3.47 (for those so inclined). Talk about getting hosed.

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